More than 70% of the daily activities carried out in the bedroom. Activities just lie down, read a book, and even listen to music every day done in the room.

Thus, the bedroom has a considerable influence on health of your body. The main factors of the quality of the bedroom is the bed room air circulation is good. Unfortunately, in urban areas with many pollutants that accompany, hard pressed to get better air circulation really clean.

But don’t worry, there are other ways to get the bedroom air circulation is good. The first step to be done i.e. specify the location and amounts of Your bedroom window.

Try more than one window number and sized bit width, make the window in the direction that is exposed to the Sun so that the room is the bedroom free fungi and bacteria, so the air in the bedroom still feels fresh, You should pay attention to exterior design in outside the bedroom window.

Fresh air is obtained from the results of green plant photosynthesis. Therefore, you must multiply the greenery outside the bedroom window. Planting flowering plants that can beautify the greenery of the Park.

If your room is located on the top floor and has a spacious plot of land, you should select high and sturdy trees, such as teak and white hibiscus tiliaceus. If possible, make a small pool of water outside the window of the room to give the scent of freshness when you open the window.

If your House is located in the urban really and his condition does not allow to use ventilation, you can use the ventilation system, such as using artificial air cooling or AIR CONDITIONING (air conditioner).

Surely you must have knowledge of the standard needs of AIR CONDITIONING for every size and type. If placed in the bedroom, preferably AIR CONDITIONING do not faced directly onto the bed.

The best position is on the right or left side of the bed. If dealing directly will result in respiratory disorders, especially on the part of the lung. However, if the condition of the House is not possible, use the back of the bed.

Height to install AIR CONDITIONING also may not ignored because it is also linked to health. Installation of the AIR CONDITIONING is too low results in cold issued more quickly exposed body. It is certainly not good for the health.

Other forms you can choose is the panel bed fitted mattress size variation. This bed is made from various kinds of material, start wood, metal, bamboo, and rattan, with classic style, ethnic, contemporary and modern.

Panel can You process with various functional forms, such as storage shelves on the back head of the bed. Choose the bed should also look at the arrangement of the bedroom you want. Don’t impose various bed carving if its size is not sufficient because it will give the impression of a narrow and too imposing.

Then, there’s the bed that has four main pillars, double decker bunk ladder, slide, canopy, and some were fused with storage. There is also a form of a multi functional sofa bed, which can be utilized for limited space.

As a complement to the Interior can be placed, night stand, side table, bench. Some of these appendages can be placed at the foot of the bed. A good circulation and proper beds are able to make You feel comfortable and sleep.

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